2019 Ford Model E: Fighting To Get All The Letter Before Tesla

We do not know why people think that EV models must come with a single letter name but it looks like Ford is also looking to go down that path.

We know that Tesla has now taken the X and S and Ford had the T and now is looking to take the letter E for their upcoming EV powered model. With so many letters to choose from, we don’t think that they will be running out of names soon.

On a serious not, it has been reported that Ford might be working on a new EV model called the Model E. It is believed that the Model E will be able to offer their customers a range of 200miles.

According to Electrek and Automotive News, we might see this new Ford Model E by 2019 as production will be starting earlier that year. They also added that Ford will be offering a few engine options including a plug-in hybrid, all-electric and hybrid.

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