2019 Ford Bronco More Everest Than Bronco

Fans of the Ford Bronco have been waiting for Ford to bring the Ford Bronco back for the longest time now so you can imagine how happy the consumers were when Ford announce that they will be bringing it back.

However, some people are saying that we should not get our hopes up for a Jeep Wrangler beating Ford Bronco. When Ford announce that the Bronco will be based on the Ranger, everybody assumes that it is going to be the rugged 4X4 that we all missed.

Let’s not forget that Ford already has a 4X4 that is based on the Ford Ranger. It might not be offered here in the US but has been offered in Australia. Based on the reports from the driver from down under, the Everest is able to handle some off-road drive but it is nowhere close to what the Raptor is offering and that means, no Jeep Wrangler fighter here.

Of course, Ford might have something else in mind for the US version but we will have to wait and see.

Steven Estevez

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