2019 BMW 7-Series Coupe: Mercedes Needs To Be On Alert

BMW have no confirmed it yet but there are reports suggesting that BMW might be working on a BMW 7-Series Coupe model that might be arriving as a 2019 model. If this is true, Mercedes might want to keep an eye on them.

It will be interesting to see if BMW managed to pull this off. The sales if the 7-Series have been dropping and analyst Juergen Pieper is saying that this is because the current BMW 7-Series lack the “aha” effect and that has been the reason why their top rival, Mercedes managed to overtake them.

Another issue that people seems to have with the BMW 7-Series is the lack of techs, as well as a boring design. We are hoping that BMW will realize that and work on offering a 7-Series that looks impressive and is filled to the brim with new tech.

Mercedes will not be their only problem as Audi will also be releasing their new self-driving A8 model as well.

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