2019 BMW 3-Series Making All The Right Connection

The upcoming 2019 BMW 3-Series seen getting tested on the road and although it was heavily covered in camo, we can still pick out some of its upgraded features.

Based on what we can see, it looks like the BMW 3-Series will be getting a makeover based on the new BMW 7-Series design. That means that 3-Series will also be getting the upgraded from where the modified headlights will be connected to the grille.

Some fans were not a fan of these new design upgrade but most people seems to be loving the changes that BMW have been making to the face of their BMW models. On the inside, the BMW 3-Series will be fitted with the same center console although the new model seems to have fewer buttons and knobs.

Other than getting an exterior and interior upgrade, the BMW 3-Series will also come with a bigger body as it is believed that the 2019 model will be wider and longer than the current model.

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