2018 Volkswagen Tiguan R: Lessons From Golf R

Volkswagen’s decision to offer a faster and more powerful Volkswagen Golf R has paid off for them and they are probably hoping that the R badge Tiguan would have the same kind of success.

While Volkswagen has not revealed their plan for a faster version of the Volkswagen Tiguan, some people believe that they are working on one based on the latest spy shots.

A new test model of what looks like the Volkswagen Tiguan was spotted getting tested in Nurburgring. It might look like the Tiguan but some features like the exhaust tips and the sound of the engine have led many people into believing that it is not your average Tiguan model.

While we are hoping that it is an R badge model, other think that it might just be an R-Line package which is not the worst but not the best outcome either. What do you think?

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