2018 Toyota Supra Not Inspiring Honda At All

After all the speculations, Toyota finally reveals this year that they will be bringing back the Toyota Supra but they will not be doing it alone. Toyota reveals that they will be working with BMW to work on the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z5.

Of course, Toyota is not the only automakers that are getting help from the other automakers to work on their model but it looks like Honda is not interested in going down that route.

When asked if Honda was interested in working with another automaker in the future, Honda made it clear that they enjoy being that independent automaker that does things on their own.

While we do admire their spirit, some people thinks that it will all come back to haunt Honda at the end of the day. Compared to their rivals, Honda sales are one of the lowest. Maybe working with other would help improve things for Honda but right now, it does not seem like the Japanese automaker is interested.

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