2018 Toyota Supra Not An Inspiration To Honda

Toyota has clearly gotten a lot of attention when they announce that they will be working with BMW to build the new Toyota Supra model. In return, they too will be helping BMW with the BMW Z5 model.

One of the reasons why the Supra got so much attention was because of the partnership between Toyota and BMW. Based on how much attention the Supra received, you would think that Honda will also try to work out a partnership with another automaker soon.

However, according to Honda, they want to remain an independent automaker and that they do not have any plans to work with another automaker right now. While we do admit they spirit, some people are saying that this decision is going to cost them.

We know that Honda’s sales are actually a lot lower than their competitors right now and if they don’t do something to help boost the sales number, they could be kicked out of the race real fast.

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