2018 Toyota Supra: Honda Not Convince

The Toyota Supra has been getting a lot of attention ever since it was announced that Toyota will be working with BMW to build the new Toyota Supra. To be fair, the Supra was already pretty popular but the fact that BMW will have a part in building the Supra this time around has got their fans even more excited about the car.

In return, Toyota will also be working with BMW to build the BMW Z5 model. It is clear that the partnership is working out for Toyota as they are getting the attention they need but all of that was not enough to convince Honda that having a partnership is the way to go.

When asked if Honda has any plans to work with some other automakers to build their models, Honda made it clear that they like to remain independent for now and that they don’t have any plans to work with the other automakers right now.

While it is admirable of them to stay independent, some people are saying that they won’t be able to stay that way for long. Their sales are now a lot lower than their competitors and things will only go from bad to worst if they keep to themselves.

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