2018 Toyota Supra Doesn’t Get Honda’s Vote

It seems like every automaker out there are trying to get a partner to build a car together. We know that Toyota was working with BMW to work on their new Supra as Z5 and now, it has been reported that they might be working with Suzuki. With all these new partnerships happening, you would think that Honda will also be scrambling to get a partner of their own but that is not the case here.

It has been reported that Honda has no intention of getting a partner to build any of their upcoming models. According to Takahiro Hachigo, they are not “jumping at the news of other partnership.

Honda is known for cherishing their independence but at what cost. Honda is currently selling way fewer models compared to their rivals but it looks like that is what Honda wants right now.

Hachigo added that although their rivals are selling close to 10million while they are only at 5million, they want to stay there. Do you think this will cost them?

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