2018 Toyota Prius Prime Will Have One Extra Spot

One of the issues people have been having with the Toyota Prius Prime besides its exterior design is the fact that Toyota had intentionally given the Prius Prime four seats.

According to Toyota, the Toyota Prius Prime is all about efficiency and that was also the reason why they decided to offer the Toyota Prius Prime with four seats. However, that might be changing soon.

Koji Toyoshima, the chief engineer of the new Prius Prime told AutoblogGreen that to fit three seats in the back, they would have to use more reinforcing materials as well as moved the charger. As troublesome as that sounds, it looks like Toyota is willing to make that change.

He added that he is currently trying to figure out how to expand the rear seat area of the Prius Prime. What he did not say was when this five-seat model will be offering. Guess we will have to sit and wait.

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