2018 Tesla Model Y: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Elon Musk hinted that there will be surprised reveal happening this week. Although they did not specify what they will be revealing, a lot of people seems to think that it is the new Tesla Model Y.

The Tesla Model Y was suppose to be the cheaper version fo their Tesla Model X. We are also expecting it to come with the Falcon Wings doors. A lot of people seems to believe that Tesla’s decision to take away the entry-level Model X this week was to ensure that they have enough room for the Tesla Model Y.

As much as we liked it to be the Tesla Model Y, it does not feel like that is the case since we are all expecting it to be the Tesla Model Y. Talks about Tesla working on the Model Y have been going on for some time now and people were already predicting that they will be seeing it this year so how is that unexpected?

The unexpected announcement will be happening on the 19th of October so stay tuned.

Steven Estevez

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