2018 Tesla Model 3: There’s Not Enough Room

With the kind of attention the Tesla Model 3 is getting right now, Tesla would definitely have problems keeping up with the demands of their customers in the future which is probably why they are considering upgrading their plant.

The Tesla Model 3 which will be built at the Fremont, Calif plant currently has an output of 50k a year only. According to The Wall Street Journal, with the upgrade, it is believed that the plant will be able to push out an impressive 500,000 cars a year and it looks like Tesla is hoping to achieve that by 2018.

Tesla is known for their long waiting time. Not only will this significantly shorten the waiting time but it will also get Elon Musk closer to his 1million cars by 2020 goal.

The upgraded plant will not only allow Tesla to pump out their Tesla Model 3 faster but it will also offer more than 3000 new job opportunities

Steven Estevez

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