2018 Subaru WRX STI Looks To Share With BRZ

We know that Subaru is currently working on the Subaru BRZ model and that the new 2018 model will come with a new design based on the Subaru Impreza. What the fans would like to know now is how the sports model will look like when it arrives.

Well, since the BRZ will be based on the Impreza, it is believed that the new BRZ STi will be based on the Subaru WRX STi model. While Subaru has never made any official announcement yet, they did hint that they are looking to expand the number of stand-alone Subaru STi model and one of them is believed to be the BRZ STi.

While Subaru might be working on a new Subaru BRZ STi model, you can forget about seeing a turbocharged version if the BRZ anytime soon as Subaru made it clear that that is not going to happen due to the intercooler, crash test, and turbo incompatibilities.

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