2018 Subaru WRX STi Better Not Mess This Up

Subaru’s decision to play it safe with their Subaru WRX Sti has definitely cost them. The slow upgrade rate gave their rivals more than enough time to catch up to them and now, they might even be the one left behind.

The Subaru WRX STi started out with a 300hp engine and since then it has gotten a few upgrades. The current model delivers about 305hp which means it now delivers 5hp more than what it was delivering a few years ago.

While that number is not bad, it is way less than what their rivals are offering right now. Their top rival, the Ford RS will be coming in with a 350hp engine. We know that Subaru is currently working on upgrading the WRX STi once more and the fans are hoping that the 2018 model will arrive with a 323hp 2.0-liter turbo engine under its hood.

Steven Estevez

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