2018 Subaru WRX STi: Back Up Hatch Needed

Subaru has never indicated that they are looking to offer a hatchback version of the Subaru WRX STi model but the fans think that that is exactly what Subaru needs to offer if they want to save the Subaru WRX STI.

While the Subaru WRX STi is not doing too bad, their sales number have definitely gone down and while part of it is because Subaru continues to offer the WRX STi with minimal upgrades. The drop in sales might also be because the consumers are slowly moving away from performance sedan like the WRX STI.

Some people believe that the Subaru WRX STi hatchback will help increase the sales number of the WRX STI. If Subaru does give the hatchback a thumbs up, the vehicle would be coming in to compete with models like the Golf R and Ford Focus RS.
Do you think Subaru needs to go down that route?

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