2018 Nissan Z: What Can We Expect

There is really not a whole lot of details about the upcoming Nissan Z but it is believed that Nissan is looking to release one in 2018. If that is true, what can we expect to see on the upcoming Nissan Z?

The fans are hoping that Nissan would bring the Z back to where it was when it was a nimble and light vehicle although some people think that that will not happen this time.

Other think that it will be getting a new design based on the new Infiniti Q60 Coupe model since the last model was designed based on the G Coupe model. If that is the case, they are hoping that it will also come fitted with the same turbo V6 engine that will allow it to deliver about 400hp.

Some fans are also hoping that Nissan will keep the manual transmission on the Nissan Z. What do you think the upcoming Nissan Z will be like?

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