2018 Nissan Z: We’ve Already Seen It?

While Nissan has never hinted that there is going to be a new Nissan Z in the market, some people seems to believe that there will be and that Nissan is actually working on one right now.

We do not know if there is really going to be a new Nissan Z but some people think that there is and that the new Nissan Z will be build based on the new Infiniti Q60. It would be a great day of that turns out to be true.

While the Infiniti Q60 might feel like it is a little too small to be a Nissan Z, that is exactly what the fans wanted. When Nissan first came out with the Nissan Z, it was a fast, nimble and small but Nissan strayed from that and the last Nissan Z was definitely far from being nimble and light.

Fans were hoping that Nissan would take the Nissan Z back to the past but we will have to wait and see if that happens or not.

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