2018 Nissan Z: Sample Already Out

Nissan has never indicated that they are working on or plans to work on a new Nissan Z model. There have been a lot of talk about Nissan looking to build one but the fans are now saying that they only want it to happen if Nissan takes the Nissan Z back to where it belong.

When Nissan first release the Nissan Z model, the vehicle was compact, nimble and light making it one fun car to drive in but things has certainly changed over the years, The Nissan Z went from being light and nimble to huge and bulky and the fans are saying that they won’t be interested if the next Nissan Z is also made that way.

While we do not know if there is ever going to be a new Nissan Z model, some people are saying that there will be and that Nissan will be building it based on the new Infiniti Q60 model.

The Infiniti Q60 would make a great Nissan Z but of course, it is best to take it all with a pinch of salt now until Nissan confirms it.


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