2018 Nissan Z: Looks Already Decided

If Nissan was ever going to build a new Nissan Z, the fans are hoping that Nissan would take it back to the time when it was light and nimble. The last few Nissan Z has gotten so bulky and fans were not impressed at all.

Nissan has never indicated that they were looking to build a new Nissan Z model but the fans seem to believe that they are working on one right now. In fact, some people think that the upcoming Nissan Z will be coming in with a design that is based on the Infiniti Q60 model.

To be honest, we won’t be mad if the Nissan Z does end up looking like the Infiniti Q60. The vehicle looks great. Do you think there is a new Nissan Z on the way? What would you like to see on the Nissan Z if Nissan does give it the thumbs up?

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