2018 Nissan Z: Looking At Infiniti Q60 For Guidance

While Nissan had a good start with the Nissan Z when it was first release, the last few upgrades were a disappointment for many mainly because Nissan kept upsizing the Nissan Z to the point where it no longer looks or felt like a Nissan Z anymore.

Nissan has not indicated that they are working on a new Nissan Z but some people seems to believe that there might be a new Nissan Z on the way soon. If Nissan does work on a new Nissan Z, the fans are hoping that they would go back to where it was in the past when it was still small, light and nimble.

In fact, the Infiniti Q60 would be the perfect model for the Nissan Z to be based on. Not only does it look great but the engine powered the Infiniti Q60 would also make a great engine for the Nissan Z.

The Infiniti Q60 is currently powered by a 400hp engine.

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