2018 Nissan Z Is Out There Already?

Nissan has never announced or hinted that they might be working on a Nissan Z but most of their fans believe that Nissan might be working on one or at least they should be working on one.

While most people think that releasing a new Nissan Z would be great for Nissan, they also think that it will only work if Nissan brings the Nissan Z back to the start and come out with a model that is light and nimble and small just like the first ever Nissan Z.

In fact, some people believe that the Nissan might be building a new Nissan Z based on the new Infiniti Q60. The Infiniti Q60 impressed us all with its new design and most of us will probably won’t mind it if the Q60 ends up being the inspiration for the Nissan Z.

The last few Nissan Z had gone from bad to worst as Nissan keep trying to increase the size of the model.

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