2018 Nissan Z: Infiniti Q60’s Way Is The Right Way

Fans of the Nissan Z has not been too pleased with the last few Nissan Z. Many of them felt that Nissan has forgotten what the Nissan Z is all about and that the Nissan Z we have right now is not what the vehicle was supposed to be about and we can see why.

The Nissan Z started out as a compact and nimble vehicle that is also light but with each upgrade, it feels like the Nissan Z is getting bigger and bulkier to the point where it does not feel like the Nissan Z anymore.

While Nissan has never really indicated that they are looking to give the Nissan Z an upgrade, a lot of people seems to think that it is going to happen but they are only going to be excited if Nissan goes back to the original Nissan Z.

If Nissan does decide to build a new Nissan Z, some people believe that it could be based on the Infiniti Q60 model which is actually not a bad thing.

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