2018 Nissan Z Design Ready Ahead Of Time

We still do not know Nissan had decided to create a new Nissan Z or not but what we do know is that if the Nissan Z is given the green light, Nissan will already have a design ready for it.

Based on what Nissan has to offer right now, it is believed that the upcoming Nissan Z will be coming in with a new design that is based on the Infiniti Q60. With the kind of response the Q60 got, we don’t think anybody would mind it at all.

Some fans were hoping that if Nissa does decide to produce a new Nissan Z they would go bring it back to the beginning. When the Nissan Z was first released, it was small, light and nimble but we would not call the current model that now.

A lot of their fans fell like Nissan has lost their way with the Nissan Z and are hoping that they won’t be making the same mistake this time around.

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