2018 Nissan Z Answer Already Out There

The Nissan Z had a huge following when it was first released but their fans slowly started losing interest in the Nissan Z when Nissan started making them bigger and bulkier. While there are still fans out there that are hoping that Nissan would come out with a new Nissan Z, they added that they only want to see it happen if Nissan makes it light and nimble once more.

The Nissan Z has certainly grown a whole lot since the first model and the fans are not too happy about that. Fans are now hoping that Nissan does start working on the Nissan Z, they would come out with something that resembles the new Infiniti Q60 model which is not a bad idea since the Infiniti Q60 have been getting some pretty positive feedbacks from the consumers.

It is also believed that the Nissan Z would most likely be coming in with the same V6 turbo engine that we saw on the Q60 model. If that is true, we might see the Nissan Z offering about 400hp or more when it arrives.

Nissan has never indicated that they planned to release a new Nissan Z but there were a few rumors suggesting that they are.

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