2018 Nissan Leaf Will Be Taking A Sip Of Gas?

Nissan did say that they were going to give the Nissan Leaf a proper upgrade but they never said when. Fans of the electric powered vehicle have been waiting for the upgrade to happen it never came.

Instead of bringing us a new Nissan Leaf, Nissan showed s their new e-Power engine. A hybrid engine that uses gas to charge up their battery pack. According to Nissan, the new Nissan e-Power will be used to power up the Note e-Power model.

While the engine will come with a gasoline engine, the sole purpose of the gasoline engine will be to charge the battery. The vehicle itself will be running on electric alone.

After looking at the new engine, some people are saying that Nissan might eventually offer the Nissan Leaf with this engine. While it is not a pure EV engine, the setup should help solve the range anxiety issue that the Nissan Leaf drivers are having now.

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