2018 Nissan Leaf: Ready To Wait Longer?

Even though we finally have a release window for the new 2018 Nissan Leaf, it does not mean that the wait is going to be over soon. After years of waiting for Nissan to bring forward a new Nissan Leaf, Nissan finally announce when we will be seeing it. This September.

We are more than happy to know that the Nissan Leaf will be coming in this year but September is still a few months away. So what do you do now if you are waiting for one?

Well, for those that is leasing the current Leaf while they wait for the next, the good news is that Nissan will be extending that lease so that you can hold on to that Nissan Leaf until the new model arrives.

Nissan is hoping that this will help them keep the Leaf drivers but that will only work of the new Nissan Leaf has something better to offer. It is believe that the new Nissan Leaf will be coming in with a bigger battery that will hopefully offer more range but we will only know for sure when the vehicle arrives later this year.

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