2018 Nissan Leaf: Help From Renault ZOE

Fans of the Nissan Leaf have been begging Nissan to upgrade it so that it will come with a longer range but so far, Nissan have not mentioned or indicated that a longer range Leaf is on the way. We might not know when a longer range Leaf will be arriving but it looks like Nissan is working on offering an EV with a longer range.

According to Auto Express, Nissan is looking to expand the range of their pure electric model and they are looking to bring in a new EV model to stand alongside the Nissan Leaf.

They also added that the new EV model will come with a Fiesta-like size and that it could be based on the ZOE. Of this is true, the new EV model could be coming in with a 41kWh battery pack which should allow it to travel for about 200miles on a single charge.

The EV has not been officially confirmed yet but it does seem like Nissan is getting close to giving it the thumbs up.

Steven Estevez

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