2018 Nissan Juke Will Be Pushing Things A Step Further

The Nissan Juke is not known for having the most conventional design and that was what made it so popular and it looks like Nissan plans to push things a little further as they announce that the upcoming new Nissan Juke will be coming in with an upgraded design that is even less mainstream.

Some people believe that Nissan might incorporate some of the Nissan Murano design features into the Nissan Juke but we are not sure if that is a good idea or now.

Besides getting an exterior update, the Nissan Juke will also be coming with a new platform now. The new platform is called the CMF-B platform and will help stretch out the Nissan Juke so future customers can expect to see a roomier interior.

It is also believed that the Nissan Juke will also be coming in with a hybrid powertrain option when it arrives in the fall next year.

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