2018 Mercedes G-Class Hands Are Tied

As much as Mercedes wants to give the Mercedes G-Class a bigger makeover, they also know that changing the exterior design and throwing away the boxy design will be the death of it.

As we all know, the upcoming Mercedes-Benz G-Class will be retaining its boxy exterior design but we can still expect to see some changes being made to the upcoming 2018 model.

Spy shots reveal that the upcoming 2018 model will most likely be coming in with a wider body which means more space on the inside. Since the Mercedes-Benz G-Class with its 4.0-liter biTurbo V8 engine has so much power to spare, a few extra inches should not be a problem especially since the new model will be shedding some extra pounds when it arrives.

It has also been reported that Mercedes will be giving the G-Class an interior upgrade similar to what we have seen inside the Mercedes-Benz E-Class model.

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