2018 Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Isn’t Just 600hp

Mercedes have finally confirmed the Black Series for the Mercedes AMG GT model.The upcoming Mercedes AMG GT Black model is not only about power as Mercedes talk about what the SLS AMG Black Series successor will be offering when it arrives.

We know that the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series will be offering about 600hp when it finally arrives but according to Mercedes, the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series will also come with an outstanding driving dynamics to match all that power.

We do not know exactly when Mercedes plan to release the new AMG GT Black Series but it is believed that it will be launch sometime in 2018 which means it is still very far in the future.

Some people believe that the 2018 Mercedes AMG GT Black Series will be closing up its lifecycle for the vehicle which means Mercedes might start offering us some new models by 2019 or 2020.

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