2018 Mercedes A-Class: Giving Users What They Want

Things has been going alright for the Mercedes A-Class but of course, there is always room for improvement. Luckily for us all, some of our complaints will be address when the 2018 model arrives.

One of the issue that the Mercedes A-Class users seem to have with the compact hatchback is that the vehicle seems to be lacking in interior space. To fix that, the 2018 model will be fitted with a new MFA2 structure which should come with a larger wheelbase. The redesigned rear also means that customers could be getting a little more storage space out of the Mercedes A-Class.

Most of the exterior will remain the same although it is believed that Mercedes will be making some changes to the lights on the Mercedes A-Class.

The interior should also be getting some upgrades. Touchpad controller will replace some of the physical controls. We should also see a few more safety features this time around.

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