2018 Mazda 6 Will Come With Android Auto Thanks To Driver

While most automakers are rushing to get the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay update ready for their new models, Mazda made it clear that their new model will still come without the support which means the upcoming Mazda 6 will still come without the systems but Android users will still be able to use the Android Auto inside their Mazda 6.

Google has released the Android Auto app on their Google Play Store which means Android users will be able to run the system on their smartphone now. The Android Auto app will work just like the standard version but since OK Google is not supported, for the time being, users will have to tap on the microphone manually to use the voice command feature.

The Android Auto app will be able to run on Android devices that are running on the Android 5.0 OS and above. This is a great replacement for Mazda users who are still waiting for Mazda to offer them the support.

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