2018 Jeep Wrangler: Struck Twice By Ford!

Jeep already knew that their Jeep Wrangler-based pickup truck will have to come in to compete with the Ford Ranger but what they did not expect was for the Jeep Wrangler to be a target as well.

Jeep probably thought that their Jeep Wrangler will be safe from Ford, but they were wrong because Ford is bringing back one of their strongest Jeep Wrangler rival. After a whole lot of speculations and talks, Ford has now confirmed that they are working on bringing the Ford Bronco back into the market.

Ford has now made it clear that the Ford Bronco will be one of the four SUV that they plan to add to their lineup and that it well be building at the Michigan Assembly Plant alongside the Ford Ranger.

Fans of the Ford Bronco have been hoping that Ford would bring the SUV back into the market after Ford showed off a concept of the Bronco few years ago and after years of begging, it is finally happening.

Steven Estevez

I am an automotive journalist with 15 years of experience. I am writing articles for the Motoring Crunch magazine. I love everything related to cars, trucks and pickups, as well as motorcycles. My contact e-mail: [email protected]

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