2018 Jeep Wrangler: Ford Not Going To Let Them Off

It looks like Jeep is forced to face Ford no matter where they go as Ford reveals their plan for the near future.

We already know that Ford is looking to bring back the Ford Ranger now that the demand for trucks has risen. Once the Ford Ranger arrives, the vehicle will be competing with the new Jeep Wrangler-based pickup truck that Jeep has been working on.

In fact, Ford is not only going to go after the Jeep Wrangler pickup but they are also going after the Jeep Wrangler as well. It has been reported that Ford is working on a new Ford Bronco based on the Ford Ranger and that SUV will come in to face the Wrangler. Fans have been begging Ford to bring back the Bronco which means it will be getting a lot of attention when it finally arrives. Will the Wrangler be overshadowed?

The new Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco will be built at their Michigan Assembly Plant.

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