2018 Jeep Wrangler: Can’t Run From Ford

Soon after Jeep made the announcement that they will be working on a new truck that will be based on their new Jeep Wrangler, rumor about Ford looking to bring back the Ford Ranger started surfacing. We now know for sure that the Ranger will be coming back to the US but that is not the only model that the Jeep Wrangler will have to worry about.

Jeep will be giving the Jeep Wrangler a huge upgrade this year. The 2018 model will be coming in with a new design, new features, and powertrain and more but if they think the Jeep Wrangler will continue to be unchallenged, they will be wrong.

Talks about Ford building a new Ford Bronco based on the Ranger has been going on for some time now and Ford has now confirmed that they will be working on a new Bronco.

While we still do not know if the new Bronco has what it takes to take on the Wrangler, the name itself will turn a lot of heads when it arrives.

Steven Estevez

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