2018 Honda CR-V: Doing Fine Without Upgrade

There is no doubt that the Honda CR-V is in need of an upgrade but that does not mean that it is doing bad just because it did get one. There were a lot of complaint about how boring and plain looking the 2016 model was but despite that, the CR-V still did better than what we expected.

It might not be the most popular version but Honda still managed to outsell some of their top rivals like the Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4. It is impressive to see the CR-V come out on top when their rivals like the Toyota RAV4 have been doing everything right like offering a hybrid option.

The new Honda CR-V will be arriving as a 2018 model and will be coming with a new design based on the Honda Civic model. There were also talks about Honda considering a hybrid engine option for the 2018 model which should help improve the overall sales of the vehicle.

Steven Estevez

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