2018 Honda Civic Type-R: Taking Another Loss

The Honda Civic Type R dominated the Nurburgring track in the past but this year, Volkswagen manage to take them down with their Golf GTI Clubsport S model.

In fact, the Volkswagen did not only beat the Honda Civic Type R once but twice. Of course, we know that Honda is not just going to roll over and give up right now. It is believed that Honda’s main goal is to beat its own time and hopefully, that will be enough to also take down their competitors.

We do not know that Honda is planning to do to the Honda Civic Type R to make it better than the previous model but we know that they did take out the air conditioning unit the last time to get hit the time they did.

Volkswagen also took out parts like the rear seats, floor mats, armrest and more to beat the Honda Civic Type R.

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