2018 Honda Civic Type R: Golf R Might Want To Take Cover

The Volkswagen Golf R took the Nurburgring title from Honda Civic Type R fair and square but now that Honda has a new Honda Civic Type R, you can bet that they will be trying to take the title back. Although that is not what Honda is saying.

According to Honda, their main goal right now is to beat their own time. They added that if their new time happens to be better than the Golf R, that would be great but they will not make that are their goal.

Volkswagen took the Honda Civic Type R with the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S. In fact, they managed to beat the Honda Civic Type R twice. They had to tear off the rear seats, floor mats, armrest and more to do so and we think the Civic Type R should also hold nothing back.

Do you think the new Honda Civic Type R will have what it takes to claim back the crown or will Volkswagen be keeping it for a little longer?

Steven Estevez

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