2018 Honda Accord Won’t Stay Slim

We know that one of the upgrades that the Honda Civic was given was a size upgrade. The new Civic is wider now and thanks to the upgrade, the Civic customers will now have more interior space to work with now.

However, the extra inches on the side also meant that the Honda Civic measurements in now closer to what the Honda Accord now. While Honda has not announced it yet, many believe that the Accord might also be getting a size upgrade because of that.

New spy shots of the Honda Accord also seems to reveal a slightly wider body. There were also talks about the Honda Accord coming in with an upgraded design that will be based on the new Honda Civic.

If that is the case, the Honda Accord could be coming in with the same engine as well although the Accord engine will most likely be tuned to offer slightly more than the Civic.

Steven Estevez

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