2018 Honda Accord: Where Can It Go Now?

With all the upgrades that the Honda Civic got last year, the Honda Accord will need to grow as well or it will be losing out to the Civic but growing is not really what the fans want from the Accord.

We know that the new Honda Civic is now wider which is great for the passengers but not so great for the Honda Accord. The wider Civic body means that the Civic is now a little too close to what the Accord is offering. To make sure the Civic does not affect the sales of the Accord, Honda will have no choice but to make it wider as well.

Recent spy shots suggest that that is exactly what Honda is working on right now. While that means that the new Honda Accord could possibly be coming in with more interior space, the fans are also saying that the Honda Accord will now be too big and bulky.

The Honda Accord will be angering some fans with its new wider body but it can’t really stay the same. So where can it go from here?

Steven Estevez

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