2018 Honda Accord: Staying Slim Not An Option

The Honda Accord has the right size now. Any bigger and it would be a little too bulky but that could be exactly what the Honda Accord is going to be in 2018, a bulky sedan.

While Honda did not say that the Honda Accord will be coming in with a wider body, there was speculation that it would base on the new measurement of the Honda Civic. The new Honda Civic came in with a wider body and that will in return affect the measurement of the Honda Accord.

The new spy shots of the Honda Accord also reveal that it might really be coming with a much wider body this time around. In fact, that is not the only major changes we will be seeing this year.

The Honda Accord will also be getting a new exterior design based on the new Honda Civic and it might also be fitted with the same engine as well.

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