2018 Honda Accord: Old Measurement Not An Option

With the Honda Civic now coming in with a bigger body, Honda will have no choice but to also increase the size of the Honda Accord.

Since the Honda Civic is now getting a little too close to the Honda Accord, we won’t be surprised if Honda does decide to increase the size of the Accord. The bigger body will mean that there will be more interior space for their customers now although the current Accord was already pretty spacious to start with.

Spy shots of the Honda Accord do seem to support the rumors about the Accord getting a bigger body. It also suggests that the Accord will be coming in with a new design that will be based on the new Honda Civic.

In fact, the design might not be the only thing that these two models will be sharing. Some believe that the Accord might come with the same Civic engine although the Accord version will be tuned to deliver a little more power.

Steven Estevez

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