2018 Honda Accord: No Other Choice

The Honda Accord is left with no other choice now that the Honda Civic has been given a much larger body.

To make sure their customers has more interior space this time around, Honda increased the size of their Honda Civic model. While that might be great news for the Civic buyers, the larger Civic will also mean that the Civic is now getting a little too close to the Honda Accord.

Honda’s solution to the problem is to increase the size of their Honda Accord as well. Spy shots of the Honda Accord show that the 2018 model will be coming with a wider body. We also know that the Accord will be fitted with a new design that is based on the Honda Civic.

There were also report saying that they will be riding on the same platform and that the Accord will be running on the same engine although the Accord version will be tuned to deliver slightly more than the Honda Civic.

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