2018 Honda Accord Force To Grow To Make Way For Civic

Not only did the new Honda Civic come with a new exterior design but it was also given a bigger body so that the interior is more spacious now. The problem with that is that the Honda Civic new size might be a little too close to what the Honda Accord is offering right not and because of that, many believe that the upcoming Honda Accord will also be coming with a wider body.

New spy shots of the Honda Accord does suggest that Honda might have already made the Accord wider to separate it from its younger sibling. There were also speculations about the Honda Accord possibly getting a new design based on the Civic and that it will also be powered by the same Civic engine although the one in the Accord will have to be tweak so that it can handle the extra weight.

There were also rumors about Honda thinking about offering a hybrid Honda Accord in the future. Honda has not confirmed or denied any of these rumors yet so it is best if you can take it all with a pinch of salt.

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