2018 Honda Accord Feeling The Effect Of The Ripple

Well, we have already seen what the Honda Civic will be offering this year. Not only will it be coming in with a new exterior design but it will also come with a larger body as well.

The larger body should help make sure that their customers will now have ample space on the inside but then the Honda Civic has grown so big that it seems like they might have gotten a little too close to the Honda Accord.

Many customers are saying that the Honda Civic might have already outgrown the compact sedan title. Well, if that is the case, where does the Honda Accord stand now?

Since we do not think that they will be scraping the Honda Accord anytime soon, the only way the Accord can have a stage of its own is to grow bigger as well and new spy shots of the Accord seems to suggest that that is exactly what Honda is doing.

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