2018 Ford Mustang GT350: Better Than 10-Speed Auto!

The current Ford Mustang GT350 and the GT350R come with a manual transmission but new rumors have been suggesting that the Mustang could be getting a 10-speed auto transmission much to the horror of the fans.

While we understand that manual transmissions are on their way out now, the fans seem to feel that a 10-speed auto transmission is not going to be good enough and that it would ruin the Mustang.

However, things might not be as bleak as we thought it will be. Road & Track has just reported that instead of the 10-speed auto transmission, the Ford Mustang GT350, and the GT350 R could be coming in with a dual-clutch gearbox instead.

Offering the Mustang GT350 with the DCT would not only help make it more appealing to those non-manual drivers but many people also beleive that a DCT is much better at setting lap times compared to a manual transmission.

Steven Estevez

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