2018 Ford Fiesta RS: Looks Worthy Of Focus RS

Ford has made it very clear that the Ford Fiesta will not be one of the models that will be added to the new list of RS models but that does not mean people will just stop dreaming about it.

When Ford announce that there were going to be a few more RS badge model, everybody assume that the Fiesta was going to be one of them since the ST model did so well in the market but we all know now that it is not going to happen but if it did, this should be how it should look like.

The Ford Fiesta RS concept seen above was designed by artist X-Tomi. The designer gave it a few new sporty looking features including an upgraded bumper, side skirt, roof-mounted spoiler and more.

Now that we are seeing how the Focus RS could actually look like, we are even sadder that Ford decided not to include the Fiesta in their RS plans.

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