2018 Ford Fiesta Cares About SUV Lovers

The Ford Fiesta might be a compact right now but Ford is also trying to make it clear that they have not forgotten about their SUV-loving fans with the new Active trim.

The new Ford Fiesta Active trim will come with a unique design upgrade that would help separate it from the rest of the Ford Fiesta model like the black plastic fender flares, side skirts, bumper trim as well as raised roof rails.

We still do not know of the Fiesta Active will come with a different suspension and drivetrain and if Ford plans to offer this in the US. The price is also still a mystery.

As for the standard Ford Fiesta model, we know that Ford will be offering it with a 1.0 liter EcoBoost three-cylinder engine along with a few other engine options. We should be seeing the new Ford Fiesta models arrive in 2017 as 2018 model.

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