2018 Ford F-150 Raptor: Who’s Laughing Now

The Ford F-150 Raptor was poke fun at when Ford first announce that they were going to build it using aluminum. Rivals were poking fun at them for daring to come out with a truck that is built with a such a soft material but Ford showed them that they knew what they were doing.

While it was initially speculated that the aluminum Ford F-150 Raptor will not be strong enough, Ford proved them wrong time and time again. Now that their fans seem to understand that going aluminum is not really a bad thing, Ford is ready to move on and start working on their next aluminum model.

It has been reported that Ford is looking to give the Ford Expedition the same makeover as well. By replacing some parts with aluminum parts, Ford is hoping to shave off enough extra weight to improve the fuel economy and performance of the Expedition.

While that sounds great, some people are worried that the switch would affect the price tag of the Ford Expedition but others believe that since the Expedition ahs such a high asking price, Ford should be able to offset the additional cost without having the raise the price.

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