2018 Ford Expedition Wants What The F-150 Has

A lot of people did not take the news easily when Ford announce that they were going to use aluminum to build the Ford F-150. While most people do agree that going aluminum will help reduce the weight of the F-150, they also believe that aluminum will make the truck to soft and fragile and that is not something we want our trucks to be.

However, Ford proof that they knew what they were doing and the Ford F-150 was a huge success. Now that people have seen the benefit of going aluminum, Ford announces that they will also be using aluminum to build their Ford Expedition.

The lighter Ford Expedition should come with better performance and fuel economy but one of the main concern right now is whether the shift to aluminum would increase the price of the expedition. We know that going aluminum is not cheap but it is believed that since the Ford Expedition already has a pretty high asking price, Ford will be able to offset all the additional cost without having to increase the price of the Expedition.

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